Laminates made from reinforced polyester resin and glass fiber

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The Elyplast sheets and rolls are continuous lamination products with a stratification of polyester resin and fibreglass reinforcement (GFRP).

The standard version of Elyplast has an orthophthalic resin base, carefully selected to contain low levels of styrene, stabilised against UV rays and low shrinkage properties. Upon request, the material can be made with self-extinguishing resins. GFRP is a thermosetting product. The translucent quality of the Elyplast materials allows for a pleasant light to be transmitted and distributed uniformly throughout the building.

These important factors, together with the characteristics of durability, lightness, ease of workability, installation and transport, allow these products to be used in a wide range of applications, such as industrial, residential and agricultural buildings.

The fibreglass sheets in the Elyonda opaque version are produced using isophthalic anti-UV gelcoat applied on the surface exposed to atmospheric agents, which gives them high degree of resistance to abrasion, making them the perfect solution for roofs and curtain walls.



Agricultural buildings Elyplast is the ideal product for farms and agricultural constructions due to its mechanical and chemical resistance, lightness and ease of handling.   Industrial buildings Elyplast is used in the roofs of industrial buildings as an alternative to concrete and metal slabs, and in vertical curtain walls.   Greenhouses Elyplast corrugated sheets or rolls are widely used as a roofing element for greenhouses with one or two pitched roofs, tunnel greenhouses and mushroom houses.   DIY Fibreglass is widely used by DIY enthusiasts to make pergolas, verandas, any type of covering, tool sheds and fences.

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